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The Adventurous South African Experience

By Meeta Shah on Apr 2, 2018
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South Africa is known for its exquisite flora and fauna. There is no doubt that the country is gifted with varied serene sights. The beaches in South Africa are like pictures from heaven. And how can you forget the wildlife! The amazing wildlife of South Africa!


We know all these things about South Africa, now, let’s talk about the most thrilling aspect of the South African experience. Wondering, what is it? Here’s a list of some of the most amazing adventures that you can enjoy in South Africa:



Very few “once in a lifetime” lists end without featuring skydiving. Well, you can check skydiving off the list on your next South Africa Tour Package. Jumping off a plane overlooking the South African skyline is definitely one of the best things you will ever do in your entire lifetime. There are various options of Sky diving in South Africa and the best part is that all of them are affordable! So, what are you waiting for? Book your South Africa Tour Package and get ready to dive in the sky!

2. Bungee Jumping:


If jumping off a plane isn’t much of your fate, then you can choose to jump off a bridge with your legs tied to a rope.  You can partake in Bungee Jumping from the Bloukrans Bridge and jump into tranquility.  This is the highest commercial bungee jumping bridge in the world. It is going to be an out of the world experience for you! So, book your South Africa Tour Package now!

3. Paragliding:


Sky is the limit, but not for beauty in South Africa. There’s no limit to the beauty of South Africa. You can fly like a bird in the sky of South Africa and take descend towards the majestic beauty of the land. You can do a tandem or self act of paragliding. Both ways it is amazing and the best part? It is super affordable. So, when are you heading on the South Africa Tour Package?

4. Hiking:


From the sky, when you land, you can jump into the tranquility of South African land. Hiking is always a great option for exploring unknown and unexplored lands. If you love hiking, then you must go Whale Hiking Trail alongside the Western Cape. This trail is known to be the Sun City of hiking routes. Tsitsikamma National park is also a great place for hiking. So? What are you waiting for? When are you heading out hiking trail? Book your South Africa Tour Package now!

5. Whale Watching:


The South African safari is just not limited to the wildlife on land. It goes much deeper than the land. The South African bays are blessed with the presence of majestic whales. Between the months of June and November, you will find some of the best whale sightings. False Bay near Cape Town is a place to go for whale watching. If you are driving on the garden route, then Plettenberg Bay is also a great place where you’d be able to spot Whales.

So much adventure in one trip! So? What are you waiting for?

Happy travelling with Flamingo Transworld !

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