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Top 5 Facts You Should Know About Dubai

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 9, 2018
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The commercial hub of UAE is Dubai which is also known for the hospitable culture and exciting places to explore. Dubai also has some of the tallest and biggest skyscrapers and hotels in the world. The city in itself is a great wonder in the world that one should explore at-least once in lifetime. For those who are planning to book Dubai tour package, this blog will be of interest as it showcases top facts about Dubai.


Dubai is all about the superlative words whether it is about the deserts, skyscrapers, hotels, buildings or airports. It makes the utmost efforts to be the best in every class and segment. For those who have not visited to Dubai, it is the entertainment, commercial and tourist hot-spot for UAE as well as other tourist from the world. Dubai actually needs no introduction but there are several hidden and unknown facts that one should know. In this piece of content we have tried to cover four important facts that would be interesting to you if you are planning to book Dubai tour package.

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1. Gold Interior of Burj-Al-Arab


The interior of the 3rd tallest hotel in the world, Burj-Al-Arab is designed based on the color combination of the four elements, i.e. air, water, fire and sky. In order to represent the color fire, golden leaves are used in the entire building. With the amount of original 24-carat gold used in the interior decoration of the hotel, one can create 45,265 Mona Lisa paintings.

2. Highest Number of Cranes

Believe it or not but Dubai is still in the development process and it is developing so speedily that there are so many construction projects going on continuous basis. The amount of construction work going on in Dubai covers almost 1 in 4 cranes in the world. Just imagine the number of cranes being used in each project and size of each project that utilizes so many cranes.

3. Palm Beach by Human


Dubai’s Palm beach is not a natural palm beach it has been designed and constructed manually with latest engineering techniques and infrastructure. The amount of sand used in the overall construction is around 94 million cubic meters of sand. Even the sand used in the empire state building is just 37 million cubic meters.

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4. Police of Dubai


You would never want to mess with the local authorities of the Dubai but if you mess-up by chance then you will experience Hollywood style entry because Dubai police spends a lot on the cars. The classy cars used by Dubai police is not any ordinary cars but Ferrari and Lamborghini which costs more than $350,000.

5. More Than 85% Immigrants


You will be surprised and shocked to know that the actual and native population in Dubai currently is just 15%. Rest all the people living in Dubai are immigrants from Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Africa.

We hope the unique and unusual facts of Dubai are of interest to you. There are many more facts that you should know which will be covered in the next post. If you wish to add to the list or need more information about Dubai tour package then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.

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