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Top 5 Places To Visit In Belgium

By Gopi Solia on Apr 23, 2018
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Belgium is a picturesque country with splendid architecture, art, culture and food. Even if it is a small country, it overloaded with beautiful sights that one will only get to see in Belgium. Belgium is gifted naturally and you will be certain about it when you visit Belgium on your next Europe Tour Package.

To make sure you don’t get confused about which sights to visit, we have a list of some amazing places you must visit in Belgium. Check it out and then don’t forget to book your Europe Tour Package soon!

1. Grand Place, Brussels:


You must visit the Grand Place of the Grote Market as it is called locally in Brussels. It can easily be called the heart of the city. The stonework on the guild houses is just exquisite. Interestingly, these buildings stand as the city’s main plaza since 1700. It is a true symbol of the rich and deep history of Belgium.

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2. Atomium:


There is no doubt that the medieval architecture in Belgium is out of the world beautiful, but the country has some contemporary designs as well. The Atomium is one such structure that is unique and contemporary. The building signifies the depth of an atom. It is the building made of the 165th level magnification of an atom. It is a very interesting building and the uniqueness of it just cannot be spared.

3. Belfry and Halle, Bruges:


In the capital city of Belgium, you will find the Belfry and Halle bell tower. It is the most iconic building that you will see in the centre of Bruges. The Centre of Bruges is considered to be a very beautiful world heritage site as listed by UNESCO. The building is inspired deeply with medieval architecture and also used to be the main town market years ago. It is a great place to be for anyone who loves architecture.

4. Cathedral of Saint Bavo, Ghent:


Ghent is one of the most beautiful places in the world when it comes to medieval architecture. The Gothic architecture with majestic buildings and cobbled streets makes it a unique city. It is a very rarely visited place by Indians, but, if you love the art of designing buildings and want to be inspired, Ghent is your place. The Gothic architecture makes the Cathedral of Saint Bavo one of the most beautiful buildings you will see in Belgium. Impressed already? Book your Europe Tour Package now!

5. Basilica of Holy Blood, Bruges:


The Basilica of Holy Blood has a very interesting religious value attached to it. It is said to preserve a drop of Jesus Christ’s blood that was brought back to Belgium after that Second Crusade. Apart from the religious value, this Basilica is made to the extent that beauty can go. The interiors are also just breathtaking. What are you waiting for? Book your Europe Tour Package  with Flamingo Transworld right now!

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