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Top Four Things To Do In New York City

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 30, 2018
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United States of America is a combination of skyscrapers, beaches, mountains, natural wonders, ancient monuments and much more. Covering the entire continent in single trip is an impossible task but experiencing the things that you can only do in America is worth it. If you are planning to book a USA tour packages then this blog will be of interest to you which highlights the five things that you can do in New York.


1. Take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty


For those who are visiting New York for the first time, the exciting thing to explore is the Statue of Liberty. The statue is located in the Liberty Island for which there are many ferries available from the Battery park. There are many museums and galleries nearby the island which you can cover during your visit.

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2. Spend the night away at Times Square


If you travel to New York and have not visited Times Square then the trip is incomplete. Times Square is a iconic place of New York which is famous all over the world. The shoulder-to-shoulder crowd and chaotic billboards all around the square makes it most fast paced square in the world. It is kind of central hub for all the major routes and most people travel at least twice from the same square each day. The times square never sleeps and you can enjoy the entire night exploring digital displays, live television on the way, Elma clones and much more.

3. Walk over the Brooklyn Bridge


Stretching over the East River, Brooklyn Bridge is another iconic landmark which should not be missed during your USA tour. Take the 40 minute walk over the bridge and enjoy the beautiful scenario of the entire city from the bridge. Best time to visit is early in the morning when most of the joggers, pedestrians and travellers enjoy the morning sunrise.

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4. Soak in the local flavor at Washington Square Park


If you want to soak yourself in the local flavor then this is the best pick. The Washington Square Park was a parade ground and place for public executions in the 1800s. Today the ancient and painful past is all forgotten and it has been converted into a beautiful park where most of the parents come to spend picnic time with their kids and families. It is a best location to end your tour in New York.

These are some of the major locations in New York which we have identifies based on our research and reviews from the travellers. If you wish to add more places or share your experiences then keep Flamingo Transworld posted. We can also assist you with the USA tour package with your family or friends as per your requirements.


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