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Europe Tour Packages: Must Not Miss Experiences In Europe

By Harsh Joshi on May 7, 2018
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Europe is a dream destination on the minds of almost every traveler. Read this blog to know more about some experiences you shouldn’t miss in Europe.

The dream destination on the minds of almost every traveler, Europe is the place you are sure to love. Home to some of the most popular landmarks and to so many beautiful countries of the world; Europe Holiday Tour Packages are full of surprises.

Here are, some of Europe’s must not miss experience.

1. Take a Canal ride in Venice:


Venice is one of the most unique places you would find your self in. Its cultural essence, ancient architecture and bridges make for a great view while you ride on a boat in the calm waters. This experience is definitely a must have.

2. Try some delicious chocolates:


Europe is famous for its chocolates. Across countries like France and Switzerland, you would find a lot of artisan chocolate makers and bakeries. Do try out the different varieties of chocolates and pastries because all of them are mouth watering.

3. Visit the Alps:


No matter where you come from, the snow-capped Alps are mountains that are sure to win your heart. The incredible heights and the comfort of cable cars that take you on a beautiful ride is an experience you should surely have. You could visit the Alps countries like Switzerland, France and some parts of Italy.

4. Pay a visit to some of the historical places:


Almost everywhere you look around in Europe, you would find old ancient architecture. This place has so many museums and places that come from a really long time ago in history. A visit to some of these places to witness the greatness of that time is a really interesting experience.

5. Take a train ride in Switzerland:


A train ride in Switzerland is something unique by itself. This experience is more then just about getting from one place to another. The scenic trails, comfortable trains and breathtaking views all around is one of the most mesmerizing train experiences. This is indeed a tourist attraction in itself.

This of course isn’t it. There is so much more you can do on Europe tour packages with Flamingo Transworld,  like visiting the Mediterranean beaches, enjoying exotic European cuisine, Shopping for antiques, walking through the medieval streets and a lot more.

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