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Top 4 Surprising Experiences in Bali

By Hardi Vora on May 3, 2018
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Who needs an unusual vacation these days? Know something amazing and surprising about Bali, the perfect place for your vacation.

No matter, how much time you spend in Bali, it’s always less! You will always leave by saying I have experienced enough fun activities. For quite a long time, travelers continue visiting for a greater amount of this island—a place that is definitely not exhausting. Want your vacation to be different than the usual one? Make sure to go and check Bali Holiday Tour Packages and attempt some of these insane and uncommon activities.


Here, we thought to talk about some of the surprising yet amazing things about Bali, which can make your Bali trip the most memorable one. So, tighten up your seat belts and get ready for the exciting roller coaster ride with renewed appreciation.

1. A Land with black sand & Active Volcano:


Bali is mostly known for its beautiful pristine bone-white sand beaches, especially the tropical paradise on the Earth. Here, what comes as a surprise is, Bali is the home of black sand, too. Actually, mounts Agung and Batur are the two transcending pinnacles of Bali, and these dinosaurs are a long way asleep. Gunung Agung, as it is privately known, last emitted in 1963, killing around 1,500 individuals, and still makes its sometimes gassy discharging. Batur, then last emitted in 2000, shooting powder into the air, however hurting nobody. The black sand absorbs the heat at a high level. It is really a good experience to visit a beach like this.

2. An island of thousands of gods:


Consolidating Hinduism with some Buddhist myths, animism, hereditary spirits, enchantment and indigenous divinities. Balinese Hinduism has a higher than a normal number of divine beings. This mind conviction brings about an island with in excess of 20,000 sanctuaries, which is the reason it’s known as the Island of the Gods.

3. Rich contemporary culture:


Bali is broadly full of Art, with horde types of handicrafts and traditional dance discovered nowhere else. More Modern art is not as generally known by the guest, and a couple of explorers would even know that the island has its own film celebration which is known as Balinale, held every year in September. In fact, you have time to get the current year’s occasion if you really want to enjoy!

4. Farmer for a day:


Have you ever thought how the vegetables and delicious Balinese rice end up on your dish? The Organic Farm additionally gives visitors the chance to have a go developing produce. Beginning in the sloppy rice field, travelers can carry on with the life of a farmer for a day. Cultivating isn’t simply work however is a piece of a culture and custom, and understanding which gives a better description to the travelers how the life is amazing on the island.

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