Top 5 All Time Favorite Destinations Of USA

By Harsh Joshi on Jun 25, 2018
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USA is one of the most talked about places. Read this blog to know more about USA and why it can be an amazing travel destinations.People from around the world wait to explore this stunning destination and its most famous highlights. The destination surely promises to surprise you each and every moment with its glorious charm. With so many good USA holiday tour packages from India, you can easily plan your holiday.

1. Miami:

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This popular city is one of the most vivacious of USA’s cities and has a Latin culture with some amazing beaches and a crazy nightlife. Miami is one of the major ports that manage a lot of passenger cruise ships.

2. Las Vegas:

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Known for its lavish and luxurious hotels and casinos, the city of Las Vegas is a destination, which, turns into a wonderland for its visitors. With lots of party’s and huge celebrations, a visit here is sure to be very exciting.

3. California:

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California is another of United States of America’s very popular destinations with beaches like Manhattan Beach and Venice beach. With plenty of places to eat and drink, California can be very relaxing.

4. Arizona:

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Arizona is a destination worth exploring especially in the spring. The Lake Havasu is a wonderful place to spend some time at. During this season there are many parties, events and social gatherings that take place. Some of the top artists also perform, making it a lot of fun.

5. Clear Water Beach, Florida:

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This powdery white sand beach on the Gulf Coast Shoreline is a great place to visit anytime. From water sports to swimming and many other activities, you can get really busy having great fun. If you do not wish to do much you can even sit back relax and simply enjoy the weather and the beach.

Though these are only 5 places, America has plenty more to offer. USA tour packages from India with  Flamingo Transworld are definitely very interesting and can be the perfect way to enjoy a memorable holiday.

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