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Planning a Trip to South Africa? Don’t Miss Out These Stunning Places!

By Flamingo Transworld on Jul 16, 2018
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South Africa offers everything that a tourist would long for. Excellent weather, beautiful sightseeing, great beaches, modern infrastructure, and cuisines. There are many locations in South Africa but some of the places can never be missed. If you are planning to book South Africa tour package for vacation then in this post we have highlighted best of the locations.

Currently known as the Republic of South Africa, is great hub of tourist destinations where millions of people travel each year to explore new and unique locations. It won’t be incorrect if we say that the South Africa is still to be fully explored. So you can understand that you have the great opportunity to explore the unexplored. However there are some of the major locations which you cannot miss during your trip. In this post, we have highlighted the most important and best locations that you should cover during your trip. Here’s the list below:

1. Johannesburg


Also known as Jo’burg, the commercial hub of Africa and heart of the continent where you can spend quality time exploring a wide variety of things. With maximum population of 3 million people, it is the second largest city of the continent. We can also say that the money of Africa comes from this famous location. Most of the business houses and famous celebrities are located in the Johannesburg. The city is famous for the skyscrapers, fast paced city life, and beautiful architecture.

2. Cape Winelands


After visiting the bustling city of Johannesburg, you can take a trip to Cape Winelands which is away from the city and mechanical life style. Pampered in the arms of nature, it is the perfect location where you can revive your senses. It is a great place to explore the beauty of nature and large landscapes in different colors. This region is rich in farmland and farming because of the river valley flowing through it.

3. Elephant National Park


If you love elephants then you would also love a dedicated national park for Elephants. Let us highlight that the elephants in Africa are much taller, huge and larger than other elephants in India or other countries. There are also other animals in the park like ostriches, antelopes and warthogs.

4. Durban


If you are interested in enjoying the subtropical climate in the most prominent cities of South Africa then take a trip to Durban. The colonial architecture in Durban is worth exploring and learning about the history and culture. There are Islamic mosques, hindu temples and Christian churches which are worth visiting. There are many more places in Durban which you can explore in this city.

5. Hermanus


For those who are interested in exploring the Southern Coastal region of Africa, Hermanus is the perfect locations. You can find migrating whales and shallow water attractions in this region. Take a walk alongside the cliff side beaches and enjoy the cool breeze waves. The view from the boats watching these whales and dolphins. There are built-in telescopes at the seating area in the beach and there are several water sports that you would love to enjoy.

South Africa is a region of multiple opportunities to experience new things and places. If you need more information about South Africa or customized South Africa tour package for your family or friends then keep Flamingo Transworld  posted.

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