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7 Places In Kenya Making It A Beautiful Country

By Harsh Joshi on Aug 22, 2018
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Think of the most dramatic extremes or the most beautiful contrasts, Kenya has it all. Kenya is a destination famous for its savannahs. Also with open plains, fresh water lakes, snow capped mountains, forests and a lot more, this country is one of the most amazing places a traveler can be to. Here are some places you can look forward to visiting on Kenya tour packages.

1.Mount Kenya National Park:

Africa’s second highest mountain and amongst the most beautiful mountains, Mount Kenya is a very unique place to explore. It is situated extremely close to the equator and yet you can see the snow capped glacier.

2. Maasai Mara National Reserve:

Imagine the typical African experience and you are close to imaging Maasai Mara. Huge grassland with lovely trees surrounded by zebras, is the kind of scene you would want to see when you are in Africa.

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3. The Great Rift Valley:

This place is a phenomenal geological creation and happens to be a very popular tourist attraction in Kenya. You could visit The Great Rift Valley for its beautiful alkaline lakes and wonderful wild life. It is a great place to spot birds and other lovely species like flamingos.

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4. Amboseli National Park:

Flocks of Africa’s signature elephants with the very famous Mt. Kilimanjaro in the background is what you get to see at the Amboseli National Park. This is also the place where you can spot the lions, hyenas, zebras, cheetahs and around 370 bird species.

5. Victoria Lake:

Lake Victoria in Kenya is one of its most beautiful attractions but however not many people visit it. It is spread over 68,000 sq. km touching many shores from National parks to big cities. The lake is a peaceful and serene attraction and could be a wonderful choice on your list of things to do in Kenya.

6. Diani Beach:

A beach visit on any holiday is fun isn’t it? Kenya’s Diani beach is a long serene stretch of white sand beach, which indeed is flawless beauty. This place with a wide range of resorts and hotels is a great tourist attraction. Some of the interesting things you can do here are walking into the forests or visiting the monkey sanctuary.

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7. Nairobi:

The heart of Kenya, Nairobi is amongst East Africa’s most cosmopolitan cities. The city is charming with its cultural flavor and many exciting features like a great nightlife and good food. While it may not be the safest of places, you still have a lot to look forward to like visiting the near by national park or the museums in the city.

These places are some of Kenya’s most attractive destinations and can be interesting experiences on Kenya tour packages. You can plan a nice trip with Flamingo Transworld and choose places that suite your taste. Wishing you a great holiday!

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