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By Satya Iyer on Oct 8, 2018
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Australia is the largest island country as well as the smallest continent in the world. It is a hub of several natural wonders, beautiful locations and exciting things to do. If you are planning to book Australia holiday packages or any other city in India then this post will be of interest to you.

Mumbai is a great city but Australia is one of the most beautiful country, continent and largest island in the world. Most people think that Australia is fast paced and ultra-modern country which is more famous among the students and immigrants for work. For those who are under such misconception, Australia is always on the chart of tourism and hospitality for wonderful places that you may not find anywhere else in the world. Here are some of the best attractions in Australia that you should not miss visiting during your trip.

1. Great Ocean Road

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Taking a long drive on the great ocean road is always a blessing. Enjoying the cool breeze and watching the incredible scenery from the car is a wonderful experience. Stay at the villages on the beach-side, enjoy the cliff top view and immerse into the nature. You can also take tour to the wildlife sanctuary in the same location.

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2. Bondi Beach, Sydney

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If you are travelling to Australia and if you have not visited Bondi beach then your entire trip is incomplete. Located near Sydney, Bondi beach is a wonderful place where you can find most of the international and foreign travellers. Enjoy water rides, swimming, beach party and local cuisines on the beach side restaurants.

3. Brisbane

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The capital city of Queensland with maximum population of 2 million people is the third largest city in Australia. The warm and comfortable climate, spectacular city scenery and friendly locals of Brisbane are some of the reasons why travellers and tourists from all over the world visit Brisbane. Needless to say but the exciting night life and fast-paced city life will make you fall in love with it.

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4. Gold Coast

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The sixth largest city of Australia and state capital of Brisbane is must visit place in Australia. Important places that you should miss during your trip are the theme park, breakfast and champagne in the hot balloon, whale watching, national park and dreamworld. There are many such places in Gold coast itself that will keep you busy all day.

5. Big Cat Green Island, Cairns

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If you have been longing to experience the underwater experience like snorkeling, scuba diving, boat ride on coral reef, etc. then welcome to the wonderful big cat green island. In addition to all these activities there are several other things that you can enjoy and explore at this location. Cruise travel is one of the important things that you should not miss during your trip.

6. Melbourne

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This city of Australia is a dynamic metropolis with exciting city centre, green lush parks, mountains, and finest set of naturally beautiful places in the country. You can find the best in class dining options, amazing street arts, coffee shops and restaurants for local cuisines. If you visit Melbourne then do not miss the coffee as it is known as the best coffee in the world.

7. MCG Ground

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As the majority of Indians, if you are fond of cricket then surely would love to explore the place where the Indian team has played several matches. Australian cricket team is considered as one of the finest team against which playing is no child’s play. If you get a chance then get passes to a test match in summer and feel the experience of live cricket match.

These are some of the best attractions in Australia that you should not miss during your Australia trip. If you need more information or wish to add to the list then keep us posted in the comments.

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