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You Know What? Sweden Lists Entire Country On Airbnb!

By Vishal Pandey on Oct 22, 2018
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If Sweden has been on your travel plans for a long time, here is some hot news which you probably would not like to miss out on. The famous accommodation website AirBnb has listed Sweden on it’s website for FREE! Book a Scandinavian Tour Package so that you don’t have to face the minor hassles and confusions while you are on your trip, appreciating the beauty that Sweden is!

The free listing has come as a nod to Sweden’s long time law of “Right to roam” which gives any tourist the freedom to experience the Swedish nature without having to book an accommodation to visit the country or go to places you have always dreamed of.

In much simpler words, you can pitch your tent in any of the publicly owned land as long as you follow the decorum and discipline of not harming the nature and preserving the environment that is around you.

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According to President of Sweden,” You can camp or pick berries or hike everywhere, as long as you do not come too close to houses or disturb fields or animals that are grazing.”

Here is a list of things which you are allowed to do under “Freedom to Roam”

  • You are allowed to access any land apart from private residences.
  • You are allowed to collect flowers, mushrooms and berries.
  • You can take a swim in the lakes.
  • You are allowed to put up a tent.
  • You are allowed to drive on private roads unless there is a sign saying otherwise.
  • Fishing is allowed in any of the big five lakes and along the entire coastline.
  • You are allowed to access any beach as long as you are away from private residences.

Most of the countries consider taking tax from tourists on certain iconic sites but in Sweden you can very much make your way down to lakes and mountains as a responsible tourist.

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For those, who still don’t know the beauty of Sweden, Sweden is one of those Scandinavian Nation which boasts of coastal islands, inland lakes, boreal forests and glaciated mountains. With a mix of tourist attractions, Sweden has a medieval town, 50 bridges, a city like Stockholm which has been built on 14 islands (Yes, You read that right!) and royal palaces and museums. If you haven’t made  your travel plans, Scandinavian Package gives you the amazing opportunity to visit Sweden like never before with Flamingo Transworld.

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