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Must Explore, When In New Zealand!

By Kanisha Shah on Dec 14, 2018
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A traveler’s delight and tourists’ paradise, New Zealand has always been on the bucket lists. No matter if we planned to visit the rewarding magnificent Mackenzie Basin to catch the aurora phenomenon, go for spelunking in Waitomo Caves or just visit the famous Hobbiton movie set, New Zealand Tour Package  was and will be our get away destinations.  If you have been scheduling to visit New Zealand anytime soon for your honeymoon, family get-together or simply a solo trip, we have great information to further go ahead with your New Zealand tour package from Mumbai.

In case you are not sure of why New Zealand is so popular among tourists, here are some of the attractions you must explore and you will figure out the reasons of its popularity.

1. The Sky Tower

The main function of Sky Tower was to serve as a radio and telecommunications facility. Presently, it hosts the world’s largest single FM radio transmitter, as well as local television broadcasts, wireless internet, mobile network, weather measuring, and laser link transmissions.

Currently the tower is considered a must-see in Auckland, holding a range of tourist activities and community dealings — the Firefighter Sky Tower Stairway Challenge is among the most well-known of the latter. Visitors flock to the Sky Tower to try bungy jumping or walking the length of the outer ledges, and to get a 360-degree view of the city. The tower also houses three restaurants: the revolving Orbit 360, the fine-dining Sugar Club, and the more casual Sky Café.

2. Milford Sound

One of the chief attractions that arrive as a traveler’s delight is Milford Sound. The scenic location of the South Island is a retreat that shows tourists the finest of the nature. It is a creek that enchants you with its pure water bodies, valleys, gorges, waterfalls and rain forests. If you are searching for a peaceful holiday amidst your schedule, your trip has to be to New Zealand Tour.

3. Waitomo Caves

Those searching to satisfy the quest for adrenaline and spelunking have an perfect answer – Waitomo Caves. It is an underground cave system, but that is not what it is renowned for. It is known for its fabulous illumination by glow-worms that naturally lit up these caves in hues of blue, making it nothing less than fantasy land.

4. Hobbiton Movie Set Tour

Experience the magical world of a guided Hobbiton Movie Set tour! Plunge yourself in the sights, smells, sounds and tastes of the Shire as shown in the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies. Wander the sprawling paths of The Shire and watch the Hobbit Holes in the rolling hillsides. Follow your guide in the order to see the most famous locations and explain how the movie magic was made. Walk around the 12-acre set, past Hobbit Holes.

Excited, aren’t you?  Don’t waste a minute and book your New Zealand Tour Package to have extraordinary experience of a lifetime.

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    I am US citizen. Me and my wife Like to travel to New Zealand about 4 to 7 day possibly 2 days to Australia , from Ahmedabad. Planning in December

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