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Canadian Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

By Satya Iyer on Jan 24, 2019
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Canada is second largest country in the world which has several mind blowing things. The country is majorly known for extreme climates and size or length of space available but in this post we have covered some of the important facts that will be of interest to you. If you are planning to book Canada tour package from India for vacation then the information in this post will be useful to you.

If you are thinking that you know everything about Canada then here are some of the interesting facts about the country that will simply blow your mind. Apart from being one of the most immigrants’ friendly country and tourist spot in the world, Canada is also known for some of quirky facts given below. If you are planning to book Canada package in near future then these facts will be of your use.

1. Santa Claus is Canadian

Everyone wants to meet Santa Clause and since childhood everyone has been sending letters to Santa to fulfill their wishes, but have ever wondered where does it go in North Pole? So each year Canada’s post office receives more than a million letters from all over the world and they respond as Mrs. Claus. This program is led by the retired post office employees donating their 190,000 hours to read and respond all the letters.

2. World’s polar bear capital

Churchill in Manitoba is the capital of Polar Bears which offers the perfect climate conditions for them to survive. The lowest temperature which is also suitable for the beluga whale. It is the best place to experience the northern lights. It also has the polar bear jail in which wandering or bears that break houses for food are placed.

3. Landing Pads for Aliens

The town named Saint Paul in Alberta has proposed the government and created a landing pad for aliens. They are waiting for the landing of aliens on the concrete and steel based pad which attracts thousands of tourist every year. The monument has completed more than 45 years and it has become famous tourist spot.

4. Bigger National Parks than Countries

Canada is so big that it has 30 national parks that are bigger than 30 countries. The land rich beauty of Canada is well preserved by the government that is home to several species of animals, birds, insects, plants, trees and more. The size of the national park is bigger than Denmark, Armenia, Switzerland, etc.

5. Largest Coastline in the World

If you keep walking for four and half years continuously without resting, drinking or eating then you will reach next end of the coastline. Bordered by three different oceans, the coastal line of Canada stretches to thousands of miles. The total number of kilometers of Canadian coastal line is 356,000 and next country that even comes close to it is 54,716 kilometers.

6. Lowest Recorded Temperature

In 1947 a small village in Snag experienced -67 degree Celsius which is similar to the temperature in Mars. It is a perfect winter vacation camp spot but the average low temperature during the winter seasons is -14 C.

7. Large Number of Lakes

There are more than 563 large lakes in Canada that is larger than 100 square kilometers and it is home to 1/5th of world’s fresh water. If you love lakes and green lush surrounding then Canada is where you should live and explore.

These are some of the important facts that you should know before travelling to the beautiful country. If you are looking for Canada tour package from India then keep us posted.

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