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Cappadocia Fascinates You Too? Check What All You Should Do Here

By Prashant Jha on Jan 30, 2019
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Often tourists divert their ways to the destinations which are highly visited by other visitors or are over-hyped by their reviews. However, there are places which can truly woo the tourists to such an extent that may find it hard to escape out so soon. Such a spot is Cappadocia, located in Turkey that amuses the tourists when they make their maiden visit at this place. The illustrious sites of this place are enough to keep the visitors engaged for hours.

Highly popular for its iconic cone shaped rock formations, fairy chimneys and Bronze Age Homes, Cappadocia is one of the most unusual destinations for those who are looking for a difference in their vacation. Astoundingly, the reason for the entire beauty of the city was due to the eruption of volcano, which ultimately made it a significant location for tourism. Checking out the corners of Cappadocia on Turkey Holiday Packages is nothing less of a treasure. These include-

1. A Flight in Hot Air Balloon

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This activity could be an experience for the lifetime especially when you opt to take a bird eye’s view of the Turkey’s fantasy land. Considered to be a World Heritage Site, Cappadocia attracts visitors not only through its beautiful traits but also with the opportunity to observe the attractions through various options of Hot Air Balloons.

2. Turkish Bath

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Be a part of the tradition that has existed over the years and has gradually become popular across the globe. The Turkish bath or Hamam as they say it, is not like any other ordinary bathing process, instead it is a method of experiencing the ultimate stress relief method through pools of warm water, steam bath along with spas and much more. Believe it; this would be one of your Turkish memories to cherish forever.

3. Gerome Open Air Museum

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Indulge exploring some timeless creations that really made Cappadocia an appreciating site in the world. Visit the most famous open air museum that includes over 30 churches, chiseled beautifully and artistically from rocks and chapels. These churches are live examples of Byzantine art and were created centuries ago. Relive those old times and memories and feel the nostalgic effect while observing the beautiful painted churches from inside along with murals.

4. Love Valley

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Just ahead to the site of Open Air Museum lies Gerome’s another attractive spot known to be the Love Valley. The site is located bit high in the altitude that includes towering pillar shaped structures. The region according to the aboriginals is the after effect of volcanic eruption. However, what may have been the reason behind these structures, but site attracts lots of tourists and is also free to visit.

5. Hiking

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Cappadocia is a wondrous site crafted by Mother Nature and is gifted with various cliffs and hills, hence making it an ideal spot for trekking and hiking. Those having an inclination to adventure would truly admire visiting the sites and attractions located in and nearby Cappadocia. Though there are various hiking points, but it is always recommended to start early in the morning to avoid heat later on.


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