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Things To Look For When Booking A New Zealand Tour Package

By Ruchita Shah on Jun 13, 2019
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It is hard to describe how much of an impact a trip to New Zealand will have on your life. From a life-changing gap year to an eye opening adventure trip, you will leave New Zealand changed forever. This is a flawless vacation spot for all kinds of families and tourists as New Zealand tour packages are assorted, affordable and adventurous. New Zealand, located on the atoll continent of Australia is a great vacationer spot where people flock to avoid punitive winters. It is filled with all kinds of places be it seashores, museums, historical monuments, churches and much more. The tourists can take the very renowned walking and hiking tours presented here through the three major tradition sites – the lush greens.

New Zealand Tour Packages

“New Zealand = homespun. You will be lucky enough to have been able to travel at such a mind blowing spot and beautiful country, you can spend your holidays exploring it by camper-van, car, and on foot. One of the best things about New Zealand is that because it is such a small country, it’s so easy to get into the outdoors and squeeze the amazing scenery – from snowy peaks and primeval forests in the South Island to desert volcanoes and white sand beaches in the North Island. New Zealand in one word: Epic! Every corner you would visit would be another epic snapshot waiting to be taken. New Zealand is the most beautiful country in the world: you might have heard this from travelers and we didn’t believe them until you will have witnessed it for ourselves.

1. Try bungee jumping:

Any adrenaline pursuer worth their salt will do the 500ft Nevis Bungee Jump outside of Queenstown. If that’s too high, there are slighter ones in Auckland and Queenstown. The price of adventure isn’t cheap, however, with a single jump at Nevis valuation $275 NZD ($190 USD).

2. Go skydiving:

New Zealand Packages

Another standard adventure activity in New Zealand is skydiving. The best place for this is above Lake Taupo. It provides a stunning environment as you plunge to Earth from 15,000ft. A hedge from 12,000ft will cost you around $300 NZD ($205 USD), while a jump from 15,000ft that contains a video, photo, and t-shirt is $550 NZD ($380 USD).

3. Visit Abel Tasman National Park:

New Zealand tours

Located on the South Island, this national park looks like something you’d find in Asia, with its turquoise blue water, compressed jungles, and warm temperatures. There are many multi-day hiking trails and good-looking sea kayaking throughout the park. Entry is free, though you will need to pay $15 NZD ($10 USD) for a campsite if you plan on staying over. Huts are also available for $40 NZD ($30 USD) per night.

4. Go dolphin and whale watching:

New Zealand tour packages from Mumbai

Whether you go from the Bay of Islands, Auckland, or somewhere on the South Island, the country is within the wandering route for many of these creatures and you’re guaranteed to see lots of them no matter when you go. Expect to pay among $60-150 NZD ($40-100 USD) per person for a tour.

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