5 Spectacular Castles to Visit in Switzerland

By Mangalika Shukla on Aug 19, 2019
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Right from the 1960s to the year of 2019, Bollywood has unofficially claimed that Switzerland is one of the most romantic countries one can find on the surface of the Earth. And it is actually true, the Swiss Alps are not only infinite in terms of area but even the beauty is never ending. Apart from the valleys and mountain tops which will make you wish to dance on a romantic song with your loved one, the castles here are so extravagant that will make your Honeymoon very special.

1. Chillon Castle

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Located on the banks of the most famous Swiss lake, Lake Geneva, this medieval structure is a sight in itself. Just imagine an authentic medieval fortress perched on the edge of a lake and the reflection image on the surface of the water, it will seem like a painting has come to life. The foundations of this castle were set somewhere in the 12th century. The Counts of Savoy used this structure as a residential place from the 12th to the 16th century. As a cherry on top, this castle also has a private beach.

2. Thun Castle

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Locally recognized as the Schloss Thun, this castle was also built in the 12th century. This castle served as a focal entry point of the city of Thun to the Bernese Oberland. This structure was initially built to serve the purpose of a fortress but it went on to become a symbol of power due to the intimidating structure of the Knight Hall. This Knight’s Hall is extremely well preserved even today. The prison of this castle is now a preserved museum.

3. Gruyere Castle

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When this medieval structure was being built in the town of Gruyeres, Fribourg, the construction of the same went on from the year of 1270 to 1282 in a square plan which is a typical feature of the Savoy fortifications. The ownership of the same has been passed on to numerous noble families. The town in total gives you the feeling of a picture postcard location, with a little hill and museums complimenting the castle and having the background of 800 years of cultural history.

4. Vufflens Castle

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Residing amidst the gorgeous Vufflens vineyard in the region of Morges, this castle is surrounded at all sides with lush greenery. This is basically a small group of Romandy castles in fortified structures which consist of brick construction that took place in the 15th century. If you take a romantic walk to this castle, you will be able to witness a lake, the castle, and the Mont Blanc all at once during your trip to Switzerland.

5. Kyburg Castle

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We have saved an award-winning destination for the last on your Swiss – Paris honeymoon packages.This castle which has now been turned into a museum is perched about the river Toss in the Canton of Zurich. The history of this castle goes back to the year of 1027, when the noble families ruling the region had set their throne in this castle. In the year of 1865, this castle became the first one to be converted into a museum and open its doors to the public.

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