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Australian Facts That Will Change The Way You Think Of It

By Ruchita Shah on Aug 16, 2019
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Australia is a country in the southern hemisphere and belongs to Oceania. Out of the seven continents Australia is the smallest and it is considered as the largest island in the world. Australia is surrounded by Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. It is the only continent covered by single country loaded with truly beautiful landscapes, natural wonders, and incredible experiences for tourists. Here is a list of some fun facts which will be helpful to you for your Australia holiday tour packages.

1. Australia is the planet’s sixth largest nation

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Australia is the planet’s sixth largest nation after Russia, Canada, China, the USA, and Brazil. It is three times more populated than its neighbor Papua New Guinea (8.2 million) and 5 times more populous than New Zealand (4.5 million) but the beauty is yet maintained. Other chairs of curiosity along the way embrace Newman and Afghan Rocks near Balladonia, the Eyre Bird Observatory, the famous Cocklebiddy Cave, the sight from Madora Pass, whale viewing at the head of the harbor, several sink holes and blowhole, to mention just a few.

2. Can you imagine people here consume 12.2 litre of alcohol per year?

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The sudden raise for the first time in nine years! Alcohol consumption is up in Australia for the first time in nine years, with the average person aged more than 15 bumping back a combined total of 9.7 litres of untainted alcohol in 2016, up from 9.52 litres in 2015. Five beers, a bottle of wine, three varied drinks and half a cider: that’s what the middling Aussie is putting away a week. Australia is a country that most individuals find to be a little bit odd; as a result there are a lot of facts about Australia that most people find to be fun.

3. Australia has more than 10,000 beaches, explore as much as you can

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Australia’s coastline springs almost 50,000 kilometers and is accompanying by over 10,000 beaches, more than any other nation in the world. More than 85 per cent of Australians live within 50 kilometers of the coast, making it a basic part of our laid-back lifestyle. If you were to explore a new beach in Australia every day, it would take you over 27 years! These incredible beaches in Australia are one of the major reasons for increase in Australia tourism package. You can pair Australia with other destinations like Australia New Zealand tours and explore the unexplored.

4. Longest road, rail and fence

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The world’s lengthiest piece of straight railway track bounces 478 kilometers across South Australia’s vast, treeless Nullarbor Plain. Australia’s longest elasticity of straight road – 148 kilometers – is on the Eyre Highway in Western Australia. It’s just a tiny percentage of the 2,700 kilometer wrapped road that takes travelers from Perth to Adelaide. The world’s longest continuous fence – the dingo fence – was built to keep sheep safe from Australia’s native dog and runs for 5,531 kilometers finished central Queensland and South Australia.

5. More Kangaroos than Humans

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Australia has an enormous amount of wild life and land to be marveled over. There are more kangaroos than people in Australia. New government data shows Australia’s kangaroo population is close to striking 50 million. In 2016, there were almost 45 million kangaroos in Australia, compared to about 27 million in 2010.

6. Australian Alps receive more snow than Switzerland

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The Australian Alps, or Hoary Mountains as they are also known, accept more snow than Switzerland. No part of Australia is more than 1000 km from the ocean and a beach. Australia has the world’s principal cattle station (ranch). At 30,028 km2 it is almost the same size as Belgium.

Australia is a place where you can plan a Honeymoon trip, a family vacation or even a solo trip. Book your Australia holiday package and get ready to be amazed.

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