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Things You Must Not Miss Out On Your Mauritius Tour

By Bineka Sadhnani Baksani on Nov 27, 2019
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The common misconception about Mauritius is that it has no fun things to do except lazing around on the beach and enjoying the views of the ocean from the hotel rooms. Mauritius is fun, exciting and surprising if you go to the right places. Here is a list of things that must not miss out on your Mauritius Tour

1. Try Deep Sea Fishing

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Mauritius is very famous for deep sea fishing and a lot of locals have almost become perfect at this because of their practice. Many fishes are made available to experienced anglers and beginners and if you are lucky you may fight the giants like Blue Marlin, Black marlin and Mako sharks. Mauritius holds several world fishing records (IGFA) such as a bonito of 41.5, a white tuna of 224 pounds and 1115 pounds Mako shark. Since Blue marlin are enormous in size and are a gifted legendary fighter they have become one of the most targeted gamefishes in the world and are found lurking in the surrounding waters of Mauritius. Mauritius attracts deep sea fishing enthusiasts from all across the world. Whether you like fishing or you have always wanted to try it there is no better place than Mauritius to go fishing.

2. Experience Local Culture

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Often called the Continent-Island, Mauritius homes people from Europe, Africa, India and China with their different cultures, traditions, languages but one common identity that is being a Mauritian. It is for this reason that Mauritius is often used as an example of successful cultural integration all across the globe. You can meet locals at cafes, beaches, talk to them and learn more about them. Who knows you may make a friend or two from there and make memories for lifetime.

3. Scuba Dive In Blue Bay Marine Park

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Mauritius has a coastline that runs for 330 kilometres and the turquoise lagoons of the island are protected by a coral barrier reef making it a wonderful place to dive. As a bonus to splendid beaches and sunny weather Mauritius also offers exclusive diving experiences to travelers for the entire year. Located off Flic- en- Flac on the west coast of the island is the ‘Cathedral’ which is one of the most popular dives spot in Mauritius. You can explore Gunner’s Coin which boasts about the presence of parrot fishes, Whale Rock (26 to 38 meters deep) and hammerhead shark among many others, around that area.

4. Visit Champs De Mars

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Race horsing has been a part of Mauritius for years now; it started with the first horse race in 1812 at the Champs de Mars by the Mauritius Turf Club. Till date race horsing is taken very seriously and enjoyed tremendously by the locals especially on the weekends. The Mauritius Turf Club is the oldest horse-racing club in the southern hemisphere and also the second oldest in the world. Champs De Mars was originally a military training ground until 1812 and now serves as one of highlights of the country where many races take place especially during the peak racing seasons which lasts from around April to late November. If you are around these dates do make sure you add Champs De Mars in your Mauritius tour package, all the more if you get to attend the Maiden Cup in September which is the biggest of all.

5. Check Out The Market Flacq In Flacq Village

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Do check out the largest open air market in the country and clearly one of the most colorful one as well, The Market Flacq in the flacq village is very important for the locals. Flacq Village is one of the most important villages of the area and do not miss this opportunity to get a sneak-peak into the local culture of the country.

6. Enjoy Chamarel’s Stunning Landscape

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Whatever you do, do not miss Chamarel. You have to see this beautiful waterfall in Chamarel in person to feel the cool breeze against your hair and be amazed by the colorful soil around the area. Enjoy some world class rum in the town of Chamarel , click lovely photos and delve into the peace and the calmness of the stunning beauty around Chamarel. The town is popular for its food and some travelers claim that it is worth coming all the way to Chamarel just to experience the town’s culinary expertise over and over again, make sure your Mauritius tour packages include Chamarel.

7. Explore Black River Gorges National Park

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Covering roughly 2% of the island’s surface is the best and the thickest National Park of the country which homes several species such as the Mauritius kestrel, the echo parakeet and the pink pigeon, the Black River Gorges National Park was created in 1994 for the protection of Mauritius’ remaining native forests and today covers 6,574 hectares of land. You can take a day trip to the island and combine it with Chamarel in one go. If you are lucky you may catch a wild boar, macaque monkeys or a deer on your visit there.

So Mauritius has lovely beaches but they aren’t the only things that are to be seen there. These places are hard to miss and will definitely make your Mauritius tour package more fun and exciting than just going to the beach and remaining restricted to your hotel/resort.

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