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Shopaholic? Block your calendars for the Dubai Shopping Festival 2020

By Mangalika Shukla on Dec 11, 2019
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Dubai is a dazzling city that assures to enthrall you with its beauty and modernism. There is a certain charm about the city of Dubai which draws people from all nooks and corners of the world to visit it as a tourist. Apart from being a mega-city, it is an emirate that is a part of the United Arab Emirates. Situated at the Persian Gulf coast roughly at the same level as the sea, this coast borders the western side of the coast of this particular emirate. Apart from the fact that Dubai has earned itself the identity of becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, this city is growing in many aspects at a rapid pace. Be it societal reforms or abundant economic growth, Dubai literally has it all. From the outside, it seems like one of the most modern and hi-tech cities you can ever come across. This is because of the towering skyscrapers and shiny cars loitering across the streets. But when you dig deeper into the city, try to experience it from the ground level; you will realize that the Arabic culture is so rich and vibrant that it ensures to intrigue one and all that witness it.

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On the other hand, just the mere mention of the name of Dubai will create a mental image in one’s mind of a dazzling and glamorous city that adds a twinkle in the eyes of its visitors. And this hasn’t happened overnight, the effort Dubai has put in to present the best version of itself for its international visitors is commendable. Apart from being recognized as a mega-city, there is one more thing that acts as a symbol of recognition for Dubai tourism. And this is the extremely popular, worldly renowned Dubai Shopping Festival. If you have been procrastinating booking Dubai holiday tour packages, then this is the ideal time to do so.

About the Dubai Shopping Festival

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If the Dubai Shopping Festival had to be described in just a few words, the most appropriate term would be “A shopper’s paradise”. Known as the ultimate shopping destination one can ever come across on the planet, it definitely lives up to its grand reputation. When you get there, it is a scenery like those you spot in Dreamworks movies. The scenario spread right in front of your eyes is like one has simply walked into a fairyland with great decorations and a fancy spread out. The majority of you have already heard the well-established fact that Dubai is one of the best shopping destinations across the globe as it offers each and every brand one has ever heard of. The malls here are so humongous in size that you will take days to just cover one of them. Also, these malls follow a specific theme and have numerous fun activities to indulge in. If a city is a shopping paradise in itself, then just imagine what kind of a majestic Shopping Festival it would host!

Dubai Shopping Festival 2020 details

Dubai shopping festival

The wise thing to do while booking Dubai packages is to do so when the Dubai Shopping Festival is going to take place. In this manner, you can make the most of your Holiday packages.  Not only can you enjoy the beauty of all tourist destinations of Dubai but at the same time and in the same ticket price, you can also witness the most historic shopping festival ever. Here we have all the information you would need for the same.

This biggest shopping festival in the world lasts for an entire month and affects each and every mall that stands on the land of Dubai. All such shopping destinations usually come to life at this point of time. This grand festival is going to commence on the 26th of December, 2019 right after Christmas and is going to last until the 1st of February in 2020. There is no particular venue for the Dubai Shopping Festival as every mall and shopping destination of the entire city is a part of this festival. You can get unbeatable deals here on every trinket or fancy electronic one can ever imagine. Apart from the great deals, you will come across some unique products over here imported from various corners of the world.

Places to visit in Dubai

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Even if you are going to attend the Dubai Shopping Festival, it is essential to also cover the famous tourist places on your Dubai holiday tour packages. Yes, we understand that you will have a lot of time dedicated to shopping but it’s advisable to cover all the intriguing places if you have taken the trouble of going all the way there. The most important one is the worldly famous Burj Khalifa. Known as the tallest man-made structure in the entire world, it’s an absolute must-visit. Next up is the Palm Jumeirah which is a man-made island in the shape of a palm tree which floats on the ocean. This island is literally made artificially from scratch. Along with these spots, don’t miss out on luxury dining experiences that overlook the gorgeous skyline of Dubai accompanied with fancy food and drinks.

Things to do in Dubai

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As soon as you land in the city of Dubai on your holiday packages, the first thing you should do is put aside an evening to witness the legendary light and sound show which is showcased on the humongous Burj Khalifa. Accompanied with this gorgeous show is the spectacular fountain display which is rightly in sync with the rest of the show. The ambiance it creates will surely make you speechless. And the best part is that every show follows a particular theme. As Dubai has access to a water body that is bordered with white sand beaches, take out some time to simply sit back and relax at any such spot while watching over the turquoise waters. Also, take a rough ride at the sand dunes. This ride later ends with dinner served in the desert itself with a traditional Arabic culture-inspired live dance show.

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