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9 Must-Visit Spots In Europe In 2020

By Prashant Jha on Feb 3, 2020
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An expedition is all about exploring every corner of the destination. And in this regard, there are some quintessential places in the world, where one gets numerous options to check out the attractions. Europe, for instance, is an ideal place that offers a wide platform for avid travelers to explore and discover the spots even including those which are though underrated but as attractive as the famous ones.

Comprising of the world’s 50 most unique and in fact attractive countries and surrounded by 3 major water bodies of the world, Europe includes everything that could amuse every frame of mind. Needless to mention, the destination always remains in the “must visit” list of travelers, and drives the economic growth of Europe.

So the captivating 9 spots during Europe tour packages that you should consider include-

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris

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One of the most iconic structures ever built and open to the world is the Eiffel Tower. Soon this became the landmark and people like to get its miniature model even today. Well, the tower is remarkable both during the day and night. Get on to the third floor of the tower and not to be surprised, but you will get one of the most picturesque views of the city ever in your life. This popular tower proudly attracts tourists from every corner of the world but has several interesting facts associated with it, Hitler’s order to demolish this structure being one of them.

2. Grand Canal, Venice

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The official city of honeymoon, Venice is highly appreciated among the tourists because of its lake-based architecture. In the past and even today, the charisma of this spot still remains the same. Further, the internal city has over 300 feet wide waterway, which could accommodate about 5000 boats in a day. One of the unavoidable factors of visiting the Grand Canal is the notable buildings, which could be only viewed by navigating through the boats. Not only the boat ride is mesmerizing but the sights of the buildings are spectacular too.

3. Glenfinnan Viaduct, Scotland

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Like spotting trains? Well, this is the spot that would be loved by every rail fan of the world. This spot is known to have the longest rail bridge in Scotland. Located within the beautiful sights of Scotland, the bridge includes a single railway track, navigating the curve where the train plough through beautiful landscapes. Interestingly, the bridge doesn’t have any sort of metal reinforcement thus making it more extraordinary. Enjoy this majestic train ride over the bridge, which carries the track 100 feet above the River Finnan.

4. Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

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Want to experience what life on the edge is like? Well, a visit to this spot will explain the same. Chiseled beautifully by Mother Nature, the cliffs are astoundingly 400 feet high from the ground. And when you feel like looking down, the Atlantic Ocean is the best option. On a clear sky, the spot is even more adorable and noteworthy to be visited. This is amazing especially for those who are trekkers by soul.

5. Preikestolen, Norway

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Looking for something more adventurous? No problem. Take a visit to the Pulpit rock, the famous and intimidating rock formation at Norwegian Wilds and you are sure to become speechless at first sight. Located at astounding 2000 feet above the Lysefjord blue waters, this spot is best known to feel the misty and yes, there’s more to the package. Shout whatever you want and observe the continuous echo of your voice being carried away to the long distances.

6. Hallstatt Village, Austria

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Want to experience how the ancient cities were really like? Take a visit to Hallstatt village and you will come to know the difference. In this era, when everything is getting not only modern but also getting a futuristic touch, this village still carries the hint of ancientness, which is truly visible through its cobbled streets and the structure of homes. You are sure to get a nostalgic ride of time dating to several years back.

7. Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

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The first sight of this spot may give the feel of a castle generally described in fairytales or so. The design and architecture of this spot is so impressive that it could keep the visitors engaged for hours. Located atop the hill, this castle was built in the 19th century and even then the fitments such as plumbing, etc. used inside this castle are still way ahead of current times. The height of the castle is dominating and the greeneries that you observe in the surroundings are just fascinating.

8. Seven Sisters Waterfall, Norway

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If you ever want to explore the appealing beauty with the amazing facet of Mother Nature then Seven Sisters Waterfalls are one of the best places that you should not miss while traveling to Europe. The falls get merged in the river below. The formation of the seven sisters waterfall takes place by the melting state of the glacier on the cliff. The sight of the lush green and snow-capped cliffs with beautiful individual waterfalls makes this spot even more indulging.

9. Landwasser Viaduct Bridge, Switzerland

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Mentioning about Europe without Switzerland is the same as a bouquet without flowers. One should always include a Swiss trip while visiting Europe. Though every aspect of Switzerland has its own charm, the train ride through Landwasser Viaduct Bridge is a must-visit attraction. It is about 200 feet high above the Landwasser River and is known to be constructed with a time duration of over 100 years. Feel the spine-chilling moments and enjoy the unforgettable scenery during the joy ride on this rail network.

Need some more reasons to opt for Europe tour packages for your next vacation?

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