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Places to visit in Russia 2022-23: Making It a Beautiful Country

By Harshita Nagdev on Jul 21, 2021
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Russia is the largest country on Earth, and Russia Tourism is known for its interesting and mystifying history. Locals and tourists both call it a special country. When it comes to tourism, there are many unique places to visit in Russia like parks, museums, monuments, and cultural attractions. The country also has many natural attractions luring several tourists to visit this historical place. 

A Russia Holiday in 2022-23 will offer a wide variety of travel experiences, from roaming around the banks of one of the oldest lakes of the earth to trekking up to the glacier-capped mountain peaks. Whether you’re taking a ride on the Trans-Siberian rail or exploring the Moscow Kremlin museum, a Russia tour package can be an adventurous and memorable one. 

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Places to visit in Russia

Russia is a favourite hotspot for tourists for years now. The country enjoys explorers from all around the world and they make sure to check out all the best places to visit in Russia. So, if you guys are also planning your exciting Russia tour and thinking about which places to include, we have the right options for you! So let’s look into the list:


Russia Holiday Packages

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Moscow is the capital city of Russia and is an important place too. It is not only known for its political reasons but also known for many other things. Most of the flights arrive in Moscow or at least have a stopover here, so it is worth planning a stay here. The city is known for its culture and tradition, amazing architecture, greenery, and many historical monuments of ancient times. You will mesmerised by the beauty of the onion-shaped domes of the churches, the art, and cultures like symphonies and ballet dance. Truly Moscow is one of thebest places to visit in Russia. If you are planning a tour of this city, have a look at the Highlights of Russia packages on our website. 

The best time to visit Moscow

The best time to visit Moscow is when the city enjoys summer days, i.e. from June to August, when the temperature is between 21°C-25°C. During the summer season, the days are long, evenings are light and pleasant, and it is the best time to Mongolia by the Trans-Siberian Railway. 

Places to Visit in Moscow

  • Moscow Kremlin
  • Red Square
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • GUM shopping mall
  • The State Tretyakov Gallery
  • Pushkin Museum
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • Stary Arbat- shopping street

Things to Do in Moscow

  • Go for an early morning walk at the banks of the Moskva River
  • Roam around the cobbled streets of Red Square
  • Watch a ballet show at Bolshoi Theatre
  • Dine & shop at the Gum shopping mall
  • Check out the historical monuments located at the Red Square
  • Experience a ride in the Moscow Metro
  • Go souvenir shopping at the Arbat Street

Hotels options in Moscow

  • Andron, Moscow
  • Gallery Park Hotel, Moscow
  • Sretenskaya Hotel, Moscow
  • Novotel Moscow Centre, Moscow
  • Salut Hotel, Moscow

Moscow’s Location

Moscow is the capital city of Russia located on the banks of the Moskva River in the central part of the country. 

2. Saint Petersburg

Russia Tours

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St. Petersburg is smaller in size in comparison to Moscow, but the city has many things to offer to its tourists. The city gives European vibes with its fine art and detailed designs of the monuments. The best way to enjoy this place is by walking to admire the architectural beauty or can catch a cruise and explore the parts of the long tunnels passing through this historic city. St. Petersburg is an important place to visit in Russia.

It is the 2nd largest city of Russia, founded in 1703 by Mr. Tsar Peter the Great. The city faces the Neva river and is an important cruising port when it comes to popular northern cruise places along with Finland and other Baltic cities. Also, known as the cultural capital, renowned for its fine art collections at the Hermitage, the iconic churches, and street shopping. You can have a look at the finely-curated Royal Russia packages listed on our website. 

The best time to visit St. Petersburg

The best time to enjoy in St. Petersburg is from June end to September when the evening is long and pleasing. You can enjoy the sunshine for almost 24 hours during this time and also can enjoy the White Nights celebrations during the summer season. 

Places to Visit in St. Petersburg

  • State Hermitage Museum
  • Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Palace Square
  • Peterhof Palace
  • Eliseyev Emporium
  • Vasilyevsky Island
  • Nevsky Avenue
  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood
  • Cruiser Aurora
  • Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Things to do in St. Petersburg

  • Admire beautiful churches & cathedrals
  • Enjoy a boat ride around the city centre
  • Enjoy the opening of the bridges over the Neva river
  • Don’t miss out on the White Nights during the summer season
  • Enjoy a night walk
  • Roam around the Peter and Paul Fortress
  • Enjoy a 2-hour guided metro ride
  • Enjoy a ballet or opera show at the Mariinsky Theatre

Hotels options in St. Petersburg

  • Azimut Hotel Saint Petersburg
  • Saint Petersburg Soft Apartment
  • Corinthia Hotel Saint Petersburg
  • Hampton by Hilton Saint Petersburg
  • Apartment Saint Petersburg

St. Petersburg Location

St. Petersburg is the cultural centre of Russia, located on the Neva River and an important port on the Baltic Sea. 

3. Kazan

Russia Holiday Packages

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Kazan is the third capital of Russia and also sometimes called the Istanbul of the Volga, the amalgamation of Asian & European cultures. Kazan was declared as a World Heritage Site in 2000 and one will go gaga over the beautiful skyline of the city with minarets and church towers. There are many activities for a memorable stay when you choose to stay in Kazan. Without any doubt, Kazan is one of the best places to be in Russia. Check out the Best of Russia packages to plan a historical tour package in Russia. 

The best time to visit Kazan

The best time to have pleasant days in Kazan is from June to September when the temperature is pleasant with less rainfall. 

Places to visit in Kazan

  • Kazan Kremlin
  • The Hermitage
  • Museum of Soviet Life
  • Kul Sharif Mosque
  • Temple of All Religions
  • Kazan Arena
  • Suyumbike Tower
  • Bauman Street
  • Central Market
  • Kazan Family Centre
  • SS Peter and Paul Cathedral

Things to do in Kazan

  • Visit Kremlin here
  • Stroll around Bauman Street
  • Enjoy the beautiful city view from the tower of Epiphany Cathedral
  • Explore the Museum of Soviet Lifestyle
  • Relax & hangout at the Kazanka river embankment
  • Enjoy & shop the local Tatar handicrafts
  • Enjoy Tatar cuisine
  • Visit Temple of All Religions

Hotel options in Kazan

  • Suleiman Palace Hotel, Kazan
  • Park Inn by Radisson Kazan
  • Grand Hotel Kazan, Kazan
  • Shalyapin Palace Hotel, Kazan
  • Courtyard Kazan Kremlin, Kazan

Kazan’s Location

Kazan is located on the shores of Kazanka & Volga rivers in the southwest part of Russia. 

4. Sochi

Things to do in Russia

Image Source: https://img.theculturetrip.com/

Sochi is a famous beach destination located on the Black Sea. It is a sand & pebble beach resort town and a great winter place in Russia and also hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics. A beach place is known for many things such as the summer festival Kinotavr, outdoor markets, spas, Stalinist architecture, and a popular place for rafting. Sochi is not only known for beautiful beaches but also winter snow, and hosting huge sports events such as the 2018 Fifa World Cup and the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix. 

The best time to visit Sochi

Sochi is a popular destination and can be visited throughout the year. But May to July is the ideal months as the climate is favourable. And, if you want to enjoy snow days, you can plan to visit in October & November. Locals also call this time the Velvet season. 

Places to visit in Sochi

  • Sochi Park
  • Krasnaya Polyana Mountain Cluster
  • Southern Cultures Park
  • Fisht Olympic Stadium
  • Lazarevsky Recreation Park
  • Arboretum Park
  • Iceberg Skating Palace
  • Husky Park
  • The Singing Fountains

Things to do in Sochi

  • Skiing at the Krasnaya Polyana
  • Hiking at the Krasnaya Polyana
  • Try local food at Sochi
  • Enjoy swimming at the Black Sea
  • Explore the majestic Vorontsovskaya Caves
  • Cycling around the New Adler
  • Explore shopping in the local markets of Sochi

Hotels options in Sochi

  • Fidan Spa Hotel Sochi
  • Marins Park Hotel, Sochi
  • Hotel Grafit, Sochi
  • Green House Hotel, Sochi
  • Villa Anna, Sochi

Sochi’s Location

Sochi is also known as the summer capital of Russia and a popular resort town during the summer season. The place enjoys a great location on the “Russian Riviera”, on the shores of the Black Sea.

5. Peterhof

Russia Holidays

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Peterhof is a small city in Russia, home to a Russian watch manufacturer, and a university. The city is known for the Peterhof Palace, built in the 1700s resembling the Palace of Versailles. There are many travelling options available to visit Peterhof- by car, by train or by boat. The best way to explore Peterhof is by walking and enjoying the place. 

The best time to enjoy Peterhof

The summer season is the best time to be here, between late May and early October. The climate is pleasant with light evenings and long days. 

Places to visit in Peterhof

  • Grand Cascade
  • The Grand Palace
  • Marly Palace
  • Monplaisir Historical Palace Museum
  • Bath Block
  • Water Road
  • Gothic Chapel
  • Garden of Peterhof
  • Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral

Things to do in Peterhof

  • Enjoy the mountains at the Grand Cascade
  • Explore the architectural beauty of Grand Palace
  • Enjoy spa therapies at the Bath Block
  • Enjoy swimming at the Water Road
  • Roam around the Garden of Peterhof
  • Offer prayers at St. Peter & Paul Cathedral
  • Learn the history of watch-making at the Raketa Watch Factory

Hotels options in Peterhof

  • Aleksandriya Peterhof
  • New Peterhof Hotel
  • Scandinavian Pearl Saint Petersburg Peterhof
  • Peterhof City Airport

Peterhof’s Location

Peterhof is a suburb of St. Petersburg, towards the north-western European Russia. It is located on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the southern part. 

6. Lake Baikal

Places to visit in Russia

Image Source: https://cdn.mos.cms.futurecdn.net/

Lake Baikal is a high-altitude lake in Siberia, 25 million years old and 1,642 meters deep. It is one of the deepest & oldest lakes in the world. It is the largest freshwater lake and also a transparent lake in the world. If you are in this country during winter times make sure to visit this lake, you might be able to see about 40-50 metres down into the water, even though the lake is frozen during this season. 

Surrounded by lush greenery and snow-capped mountains, this lake is known for its scenic surroundings and also home to different species of flora and fauna. You can book hiking and wildlife tours around Lake Baikal. Lake Baikal is one of the most exotic places to visit in Russia. 

The best time to visit Lake Baikal

In August, the temperature of the lake is around 16-17 degrees Celsius, best suitable for a short swim or quick dips. Apart from this month, the temperature is usually below 5 degrees Celsius. The summer season is the best time to enjoy several water sports activities here such as kayaking, island hopping, and boat cruises. Winter is the best time to enjoy skiing and exploring the frozen Tazheran Steppes caves. 

Places to visit in Lake Baikal

  • Circum-Baikal Railway
  • Shamanka Rock
  • Chersky Mountain
  • Svyatoy Nos Peninsula
  • Olkhon Island
  • Arshan village
  • Listvyanka village

Things to do in Lake Baikal

  • Mountain hiking at Chersky Mountain
  • Enjoy local food like Baikal Omul
  • Make a wish by leaving a coin or tying a colourful ribbon around the pillar, tree, or gazebo;
  • Photography sessions at the Shamanka Rock
  • Book a tour of Circum-Baikal Railway
  • Swim or dip into the Lake Baikal
  • Have fun & play with the Nerpas
  • Explore the hot thermal springs in Khakasy

Hotels to stay in Lake Baikal

  • House Near Lake Baikal
  • Mini Gostinica Near Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal’s location

Lake Baikal is located in Siberia. 

7. Vladivostok

Russia Holiday Packages

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Vladivostok is one of the largest port cities in Russia. It is one of the important stops on the Trans-Siberian Railway route. The city enjoys many foreign tourists and they love to discover to hooks and corners of the place. There are many parks, public places, with scenic beaches and a promenade here. You can enjoy the best views of the city from the Eagle’s Nest viewpoint from the hilltop. If you like trying something offbeat on your vacation, Vladivostok is one of the places to visit in Russia. 

The best time to visit Vladivostok

The best time to enjoy pleasant weather in Vladivostok is in July, August, and September. These months are the warmest ones and are the preferred time for swimming.

Places to visit in Vladivostok

  • Fish Market
  • Funicular
  • Eagle’s Nest Hill
  • Russian Steam Bath
  • Zarya Center for Contemporary Art
  • Submarine Museum
  • Russky Island Bridge
  • Russian Opera House 
  • Vladivostok Fortress

Things to do in Vladivostok

  • Explore the Vladivostok Fortress with a guided tour
  • Enjoy beautiful sunset views from the Eagle’s Nest Hill
  • ​Walk to the human-made Tokarevsky Lighthouse
  • Check the local art of the place at Zarya Centre for Contemporary Art
  • Enjoy Russian-style shopping at Glavnyi Universalnyi Magazin or ​GUM
  • Get in-depth into the history of Russia at the S-56 submarine
  • Book a hiking tour at Cape Tobizin
  • Go for an underground Vladivostok tour crossing the tunnels
  • Take a Funicular ride
  • Experience Russian steam bath at Banya

Hotels to visit in Vladivostok

  • Astoria Hotel, Vladivostok
  • Bay Garden, Vladivostok
  • Azimut Hotel Vladivostok, Vladivostok
  • Villa Arte Hotel, Vladivostok
  • Lotte Hotel Vladivostok, Vladivostok

Vladivostok’s location

Vladivostok is one of the major ports in Russia, located near the China & North Korea borders. 

8. Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Russia Holidays

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Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is a city covered with volcanoes (also active and snow-covered Koryakskaya Sopka volcano). It is very challenging to reach here as one cannot reach by road to this place. The ones who take up the opportunity to visit this place can enjoy the scenic views of the churches, squares, and historical monuments. The city faces Avacha Bay and it is a great place to roam around the waters. 

The best time to visit Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

The best time to visit this place is in July and August when the climate is warm. 

Places to visit in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  • Volcano Mutnovsky
  • Avachinsky Bay
  • Vulcanarium Museum
  • Small Valley of Geysers
  • Khalaktyrsky Beach
  • Three Brothers Rocks
  • Monument to Peter and Paul
  • Trinity Cathedral
  • Russkaya Bay

Things to do in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  • Offer prayers at Trinity Cathedral & Alexander Nevsky Chapel
  • Enjoy a charming walk at Nikolskaya Hill
  • Click a picture at Lenin Statue
  • Book one of the climbing tours- Avacha volcano climbing, Ascent to the volcano Avachinsky
  • Opt for a helicopter ride at Kamchatka Private Day tour by Air – Volcanoes of Kamchatka, Kamchatka Grand Tour

Hotels to stay in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

  • Apart’L Russkii Dvor
  • Komandor
  • Studio apartment on prospekt 50 let Oktyabrya
  • Klyuchotel

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky’s Location

This pretty town is located in the Russian Far East, facing Avacha Bay.

9. Olkhon Island

Russia Tour Packages

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Olkhon Island is the world’s largest lake island surrounded by lush greenery, taiga, and steep mountain peaks. The population of the island is small and consists of a Mongolic indigenous group, local Buryats. This belief that the island is a powerful spiritual place. For a few years, this island has been enjoying a good amount of tourists who have come here to explore the coastal dunes and Peschanaya village. 

Also, this area is known for its “walking trees”. This is a strange phenomenon where the strong winds tend to uncover the roots of the tree on the beach. This gives you the visual of a person standing. The island is popular for beaches, rocks, dense forests, and much more. 

The best time to visit Olkhon Island

If you are looking for warm weather, it is advisable to go during the summer season starting from late June to early September. The lake is covered with transparent ice from mid-February to 20th March, this is the most scenic view. 

Places to visit in Olkhon Island

  • Art Gallery of Oshhepkovy
  • Cape Burkhan/Shamanka Rock
  • Khuzhir Local Lora Museum of Revyakin
  • Cape Kharantsy
  • Oltrek Island

Things to do in Olkhon Island

  • Learn about the history & culture of Khuzhir village here
  • Discover the political history at The National History Museum of Revyakin 
  • Explore the most beautiful island of Asia- Cape Burkhan
  • Enjoy beautiful sunrise views from Cape Khoboy
  • Click pictures at Sagan Khushun Cape

Hotels to stay in Olkhan Island

  • Olkhon Story Guesthouse
  • Guesthouse Voskreseniye

Olkhan Island’s Location

The island is the third-largest island in Lake Baikal located towards eastern Siberia. 

10. Altay

Russia Tours

Image Source: https://cdni.rbth.com/

Altay is known for bestowing untouched beauty such as snow-covered mountains, frozen rivers, skiing, hiking and climbing, and kayaking. Also, tourists can enjoy many offbeat activities such as cave exploring, herbs picking, mushroom picking, and diving here. Different ethnic groups live here who are engaged in forestry and horse husbandry. The locals and tourists consider the Altay mountains as one of the best places to visit in Russia. The Altay mountains along with lakes and natural reserves form a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Russia. 

The best time to visit Altay

The mountains are covered with heather rosebay flowers starting from April end and the water of Katun river is similar to the colour of fresh milk. July to September is the best time to visit Altai when the climate is warm and pleasant. And, you can enjoy winter activities such as snowboarding, snow tubing also here during the winter months.

Places to visit in Altay

  • Kurai steppe
  • Karakol valley
  • Gorno-Altaisk
  • Chuya Steppe
  • Kyzyl-Chin
  • Sailugem national park
  • Beltir
  • Kindyktykul Lake

Things to do in Altay

  • Enjoy fishing at the clear altitude rivers & lakes
  • Enjoy a hot Russian sauna bath
  • Jump into the chilled waters of the mountain river
  • Enjoy traditional Altay dance & music
  • Try local food & drink of Altay
  • Play with snowballs and learn the art of snowman making
  • Enjoy snow tubing at the snow-covered mountains
  • Enjoy trio horse-riding

Hotels to stay in Altay

  • Altay Resort
  • Altay Village Teletskoe
  • Gostiniy Dvor Altay
  • Altai Palace Hotel
  • Maryin Ostrov Health Resort

Altay Mountain’s location

It is located in Siberia extending from Russia into Mongolia, China, and Kazakhstan.

Excited already? Russia has several magical places to visit from historical monuments to snow-capped mountains to scenic lakes. Plan a tour of this unexplored place and experience the beauty. You can check the different Russian packages listed on our website at Flamingo Transworld  or contact our travel expert and book a holiday soon to the above-mentioned places to visit in Russia.

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