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Introducing Shimla

Shimla is the finest state of India with the city blending stunning scenery, and extensive history and a refreshing ambience. Shimla and the surrounding region make for a great destination either art of a tour to northern India or an excursion from Delhi. It is situated on the edge of the Himalayan foothills, with crystal clear air and pine covered steep hills that overlook the snowy peaks to the north. This immaculate area and cooler atmosphere persuaded the British Raj to set up their midyear capital in Shimla to maintain a strategic distance from the stifling warmth of Delhi summers. Explore it with our Himachal Tour Packages.

Shimla is a precariously positioned city, arranged along a lofty edge of the Himalayan foothills. Toward the south the hills reduce to the fields of Delhi while toward the north the pinnacles ascend to converge with the cloud line. The central avenue of Shimla, which runs the length of the edge, is the main level surface of the capital while every single other street fall away to the valley floor on either side of the edge.

As a tourist destination there are various attractions and activities that can be covered up easily during busy days.  Shimla consists of various historical sites, wonderful hikes and an exuberant night life of bars and eateries. Well known short hikes included the stroll to Jakhoo Hill and the recently developed sculpture of Hanaum which towers over the city. The other way prompts the highest point of observation hill e and the old Viceroy Lodge where once all of India was governed from. The centre point of Shimla is without traffic and is a most loved area for all the Indians to walk around and admire the splendid colonial architecture.

Shimla is very different from rest of the Indian states and has retained its old world charm. The culture of Shimla is such that it depicts a sound sense of balance between customary values and modern imaginations and hence we can say that the cultural heritage of Shimla is very much traditional and rural. And it is loaded with exoticness. But it is also surrounded by exciting other Places to visit and Things to do for travelers to experience an unforgettable holiday.
Best Places to visit in Shimla
1. The Ridge of Shimla- Cultural hub of Shimla 
2. Kufri Valley 
3. Viceregal Lodge 
4. Jakhoo Hill 
5. Naldhera
6. Himalayan Bird Park and many more

Best Things to do in Shimla
1. Enjoy zorbing in Khajjar  
2. Take a historical walk in Kuthar Fort 
3. Shop from the local McLeod Ganj Market 
4. Walk through the history at Annadale 
5. Visit golf course in Naldehra and many more

Must know facts

Best time to visit
If you are planning a holiday in Shimla, before making the bookings, you must know about Shimla weather and the best time to visit Shimla. October to February-is considered as good time to explore Shi...
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History & culture
HistoryHistory of Shimla goes back to the period of Anglo-Gurkha war in the commencement of 19th century. In 1804 the Gurkhas , who had suffered a brutal conquer at the hands of the Sikhs at the battl...
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Geography of ShimlaTopographically, Shimla is perched on the lofty Himalayas rise from the bed of pre-historic ocean of Tethys. From an uninspiring town, Shimla transcended the unrest of the Gurkha wa...
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