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Beautiful Spots in Sri-Lanka You Should Explore On Your 2021 Holiday

By Flamingo Transworld on Feb 11, 2019
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Sri Lanka – do not misjudge this island by its size. This teardrop-shaped island in the Indian Ocean that is very close to our country is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean. It’s the juxtaposition of Buddhist Asia and Southern India. Sri Lanka is the land of ancient ruins, local legends, immense history, extensive tea plantations, wild Asian elephants, colorful reefs, balmy rainforests, mystical mountains, and palm-fringed beaches. There are tons of beautiful places in Sri Lanka to explore and unwind. Post Covid-19, a trip to Srilanka in 2021 will be like a breath of fresh air, straight from the four walls of your abode to the open natural beauty of Srilanka. Sri Lanka tourism has taken into consideration all necessary protocols against the pandemic. So why wait, get set to go to Sri Lanka availing  Sri Lanka tour packages from Flamingo Transworld Private Limited! 

Beautiful Spots to Visit on your Sri Lanka Holiday Trip

While planning your Sri Lanka tour, do not miss to incorporate the beautiful places in Sri Lanka, such as Yala National Park, Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage to have a close encounter with elephants, watch the beautiful Blue whales in Mirissa, towns like Ella, Nuwara Eliya, beachside Bentota & Jaffna, Adam’s Peak, and the famous rock fortress in Sigiriya. Each of these places has its charm and magic that needs to be explored. 

So, let us know more about each of these locations as below: 

  1. Ella
  2. Nuwara Eliya
  3. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage
  4. Yala National Park
  5. Mirissa
  6. Adams Peak
  7. Bentota
  8. National Museum of Colombo
  9. Jaffna
  10. Sigiriya

1. Ella: Town in Sri Lanka

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Image source: https://srilankabycar.com/

A small town In Srilanka, situated in the center of picturesque countryside, having tea plantations on the slopes of the hills and forest on top is Ella. The tea plantations of Ella, scenic train ride, and stunning Ella gap in the mountain wall make it to the list of one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka

Ella Location

Ella is situated around 200kms from the capital city of Colombo, and approx 100kms or so from Nuwara Eliya or Kandy

Best Time to Visit Ella

Ella is warm and rainy almost all through the year; the rainiest months are October and November. So the best time to visit Ella is from Mid-January till Mid April. Due to its altitude, it is mostly cooler compared to other coastal regions during these months. 

How to Reach Ella

One can reach Ella by road and by train as well. But the best way to reach this hillside town is undoubtedly by train. You can travel from the Colombo Fort Train Station to this town by train, but this route would not be the same as the Kandy to Ella, and it would take around 10 hours to reach. 

One of the best ways to reach this town is by train and the stretch from Kandy to Ella is known as one of the most beautiful in the world! The train travel from Colombo to Ella doesn’t follow the Kandy-Ella route; so the best route would be Colombo-Badulla.

Places to Stay in Ella, Sri Lanka

Many accommodation options in Ella cater to all types of travellers. There are numerous homestays, guesthouses, and boutique hotels in this town, some of them are Ella Mountain Heavens, 98 Acres, and Box on Clouds, Tea Cabin, Ella Treehouses, and Cabanas.

Ella Tourist Places

The must-visit tourist places of Ella are Nine Arch Bridge – built with bricks, solid rocks, and cement, and is around 3100 feet above sea level,  Halpe tea factory – tour the factory, know about tea manufacturing, taste a few variations of tea, Ravana Falls – widest waterfalls in the country.

2. Nuwara Eliya

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Image source: https://i.pinimg.com/

Nuwara Eliya, a 19th-century hill station often known as Little England, has a British-countryside feel to it with its golf course, Tudor-style buildings, and colonial ambiance. It is listed among the must-visit Sri Lankan tourist places. Flamingo Transworld Private Limited has Sri Lanka Nature Tour packages that include mystical mountains, waterfalls, and tea plantations and also include adventure activities like trekking in Kandy

Nuwara Eliya Location

The distance from the capital city of the country to Nuwara Eliya is around 165kms and around 80kms from Kandy. 

Best Time to Visit Nuwara Eliya

The best time to visit Nuwara Eliya is from February to April.

How to Reach Nuwara Eliya

The best way to reach directly to Nuwara Eliya is by road. The road transfer from Colombo to Nuwara Eliya takes around 6 to 7 hours. You can take a bus from Kandy as well. 

Places to Stay in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

There are numerous accommodation options that are suitable to each budget range such as Heritance Tea Factory, King Fern Cottage, Ferncliff Bungalow, Heritance Tea Factory, and Villa Cassandra

Nuwara Eliya Famous Places

The most popular places to visit during your stay in Nuwara Eliya are: Hakgala botanical gardens, Pedro Tea Factory, Lake Gregory, Jagro Strawberry Farm, and the beautiful waterfalls at Lovers leap

3. Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

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Image source: https://media.istockphoto.com/

The main reason for the existence of Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage is to provide food and shelter to those elephants that are abandoned in the wild or orphaned and injured. This is one the most empathetic and beautiful places in Srilanka that has the largest captive herd of Elephas maximus, subspecies of Asian Elephants. Most of the Sri Lanka tour packages include Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. 

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Location

The location of the elephant orphanage is around 40kms from Kandy, Rambukkana 71100, Sri Lanka, 

Best Time to Visit Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

Based on the type of activity you are interested in, you can select the timings to visit the orphanage. It is open from 0830 to 1730 hours

How to Reach Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage

The easiest and common way to reach Pinnawala is by road, take a bus from Colombo or Kandy and get down at Kegalle, then take a private cab or tuk-tuk to Pinnawala. By train get down at Rambukkana station and then you will have to take a bus to reach Pinnawala.  

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage Timing

The orphanage timings are 0830 to 1730 hours

0830 –Opens for the visitors
0900 – 0945 Fruit feeding
0915 – 0945 Milk feeding
1000 – 1200 bathing time
1200– 1245 Fruit feeding
1315 – 1345 Milk feeding
1345 – 1600 bathing time
1700 – Milk feeding
1730 – Ticket counter closes
1800 – Closes for the day

Pinnawala elephant orphanage Tourist Attraction

Pinnawala Open Zoo and Pinnawala Iperanigama Theme Park

4. Yala National Park

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Image source: https://res.klook.com/

Yala National Park is the best place to observe an animal in its natural habitat; it is an experience in itself, which makes it to the list of the must-visit places in Srilanka. The park consists of 5 zones, out of which only two zones are open for tourists; the others are reserved for documentary filming and professional research. The park boasts having the highest density of leopards in the world. Apart from the leopards, there are other animals such as wild buffaloes, monkeys, deer, elephants, and many more. While planning your Sri Lanka tour package, do consider including this wildlife experience. 

Yala National Park Location

Yala National Park is situated in the southeast part of Sri Lanka; the driving time from Colombo to Yala is around 5 to 6 hours. 

Best Time to Visit Yala National Park

The best time to visit this park is during the dry season between the months of February to June. Please do note that the park is closed in September for maintenance. 

How to Reach Yala National Park

The only entryway to reach the park is through a town named Tissamaharama, which can be best reached by local bus or car. The travel time from Mirissa to Tissamaharama is around 3.5 hours and from Ella to Tissamaharama is around 2.5 hours. 

Places to Stay in Yala National Park, Sri Lanka

The best places to stay near the park are Jetwing Yala, Mahoora Tented Camps, inside the park options like Cinnamon Wild, Leopard Trails, and many more. 

Yala National Park Tourist Attractions

Some of the best tourist spots around Yala National Park are Buduruwagala, Sithulpawwa, and Okanda Devalaya.

5. Mirissa: Beach in Sri Lanka

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Image source: https://live.staticflickr.com/

A few things from our bucket list such as Lazing on the hammock, pristine ocean, beach waves, whale watching, all of these possible in a small town known as Mirissa. This vibrant beach town is quite renowned for spotting Blue Whales. The best time to go whale watching in Mirissa is from the months of December to March when you will get to see blue whales and dolphins. Apart from Mirissa Whale watching there are numerous options such snorkelling, surfing, and sailing on a catamaran, or just simply unwind and relax on the beach. 

Mirissa Location

Mirissa town is located in Matara district on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka 

Best Time to Visit Mirissa

Mirissa has a tropical climate. The best time to visit Mirissa is from December to March.  

How to Reach Mirissa

You can reach Mirissa from Colombo via a Colombo-Matara train, wherein you will get down at Weligama station or you can also opt for a road journey in a private cab or take a bus from Colombo to Matara, and from here you can take a tuk-tuk to reach Mirissa. Places to Stay in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Places to Stay in Mirissa, Sri Lanka

Mirissa has plenty of accommodation options such as Sun style Mirissa Guest House, Central Beach Inn, Paradise Beach Club, Oasis Hotel Mirissa, Palm Villa Mirissa, and Beach Mirissa.

Mirissa Tourist Places

The popular tourist spots of this small town are Parrot Rock Mirissa, Mirissa Beach, and Coconut Island,

6. Adams Peak

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Image source: https://motaen.com/

Not just the name Adam’s peak is unique it is equally mesmerizing as well. It is one of the highest mountains in the country, and an important pilgrimage spot on the island. On the top of the mountain, there is a sacred relic, a big footstep is engraved on the rock which has been there for centuries. This place holds immense relevance to all communities and is one of the most famous sites to visit in Sri Lanka. The Buddhists claim that Buddha left this footprint while heading towards paradise and hence they call it Sri Pada, while the Hindus believe this footprint belongs to Lord Shiva, and the Christians believe this footprint belongs to Adam’s first step after he was exiled from the Garden of Eden. Hence Adam’s Peak or Sri Pada is known locally as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Sri Lanka.  

Adams Peak Location

Adam’s peak is situated around 40kms from Ratnapura city, in the Sabaragamuwa province in the south-western corner of Sri Lanka’s central highlands. 

Best Time to Visit Adams Peak

The best time to visit this UNESCO site is during the months of December to May, as the weather is quite suitable with no rains. Try to avoid going in the month of April, as it is the Sinhalese New Year, weekends, and full-moon days to avoid long queues. 

How to Reach Adams Peak

To reach the peak, you will climb the steps, but to reach the base there are multiple options, you can opt for a train for Hatton, Colombo, and Kandy. From Hatton, you can take an auto to Dalhousie that is the nearest town to Adams Peak. 

Places to Stay in Adams Peak, Sri Lanka

Adam’s Peak has numerous options for accommodations such as Hugging Clouds, Grand Adam’s Peak Hotel, and Slightly Chilled yellow house. 

Adams Peak Tourist Attractions

Apart from Adam’s Peak, you can also explore the Adam’s Peak Wilderness Sanctuary, Mohini Falls, and Laxapana Falls.

7. Bentota

trip to sri lanka

Image source: https://walkfrodo.wordpress.com/

The name of this city is derived from a mythical story which had a demon named Ben, he used to rule the river banks or totas, hence the name Bentota.  Around 65kms from the capital city of Colombo, lies Bentota, an enchanting town with towering palm trees and a serene atmosphere. The town is not just popular for its laid-back vibe, golden beaches, thick mangroves but also for its adventure watersports and exotic marine life. Bentota beach is one of the famous and the best places to visit in Srilanka. Explore the beautiful horizon and golden sandy beaches by availing our Scenic Sri Lanka Tour Package

Bentota Location

Bentota is located on the west coast of the island and is around 70kms away from the capital city and around 100kms from the International airport at Colombo. 

Best Time to Visit Bentota

Bentota, similar to other coastal cities has a tropical climate, yet the best time for water sports and other adventure activities is from the months of November to April

How to Reach Bentota

The best way to reach Bentota is by road. There are options from Colombo and Galle either by private vehicle or by bus. The journey time is around 1to 2 hours. 

Bentota Tourist Places

There are numerous tourist places in Bentota such as Bentota Beach, Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, and Brief Gardens 

8. National Museum of Colombo

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Image source: https://storage.googleapis.com/

The National Museum of Colombo is the largest museum on the island. It dates back to the year 1877, having a colonial vibe with a rich history. The artworks of this building reflect the essence of Portuguese, Dutch, and British colonial times. The construction of this Colombo Museum is well planned, it is two-storied, and has well-manicured, lush green lawns lined with banyan trees. At the entrance, the visitors are greeted by a tranquil Buddha statue in a meditative pose that is carved out of stone dating back to the 4th-century. It is one of the most famous places in Sri Lanka

National Museum of Colombo Location

The location of the National Museum of Colombo is in Sir Marcus Fernando Mawatha, Colombo 00700, Sri Lanka

Best Time to Visit National Museum of Colombo

You can visit the museum any time of the year, except on public holidays. 

National Museum of Colombo Opening Hours

The Museum is open from 0900 hours to 1700 hrs every day and is closed during public holidays. 

National Museum of Colombo Famous For

It is one of the largest museums on the island, where you will learn about the country’s history and its people. The museum has a vast collection of specimens and artifacts related to the nation’s natural and cultural heritage, displayed chronologically. Do not miss to check out the throne of the last king of Kandy and the crown jewels. 

9. Jaffna: Famous Beach in Sri Lanka

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Image source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/

Jaffna, the city located on the northernmost tip of the country is more close to South India than Colombo. Jaffna tourism began in the year 2009. The influence of India can be seen in the local Jaffna foods that resemble the taste of South Indian Cuisine. The city has a huge Tamil population, colorful Hindu temples, and the common language is Tamil as well. Despite the similarities with Southern India, Jaffna is seriously authentic and one of the must-visit places in Sri Lanka.  

Jaffna Location

Jaffna is around 400kms from the capital and around 315kms from Kandy. It is the capital of the district of Jaffna and is located in the northern peninsula of the country 

Best Time to Visit Jaffna

Being the coastal city, the sea temperature is suitable throughout the year, but the best months to visit are from January to March, wherein there is less rainfall and the temperature is manageable as well. 

How to Reach Jaffna

There are not many direct connections to Jaffna, the closest would be to reach Jaffna from Kandy, a private vehicle would be the best solution, however you can take a train from Anuradhapura to reach Jaffna, there are few bus options as well from Colombo, Kandy, and Dambulla. A train option from Colombo to Jaffna too will take around 9 hours. 

Places to Stay in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

There are various options to stay such as Jetwing Jaffna Hotel, Hotel Green Grass, D’Villa Garden House, and Jaffna Heritage hotel. 

Jaffna tourist places

Similar to the cities in the south, even this northern city has many tourist spots such as Jaffna Fort, Delft Island, and Nallur Kandaswamy.

10. Sigiriya

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Image soucre: https://wallpapercave.com/

A breathtaking sight, in the central plains of Sri Lanka, is the Sigiriya Rock that rises above from the lush green cover around it. It is one of the famous places to visit in Sri Lanka. This 200-meter towering rock propels upwards from a literally flat landscape. It was built by a greedy king in the 5th century; it has a Sky Palace on the top, terraces featuring the Lion Gate at the mid-level and beautiful gardens at the lower levels. Sigiriya Rock is also known as the Lion Rock and is immersed in mythology, legends about the monks and kings, defeats and triumphs, and the historical importance of Buddhism. For tourists who are keen to know more about the cultural side of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya should be included in your Sri Lanka tour package with the help and guidance of Flamingo Transworld Private limited.

Sigiriya Location

Sigiriya is right in the centre of the country, near the city of Dambulla, and is around 180kms from the capital and around 146kms from the international airport. 

Best Time to Visit Sigiriya

The weather of Sigiriya is humid and hot all year round, yet the best time to visit is during the months of January to April, in regards to the visit to the rock – is around 0700 to 0800 hours to avoid huge crowd, plus the weather is suitable during the morning hours as well. 

How to Reach Sigiriya

The closest train station to Sigiriya is Habrana. You can take a train from Colombo Fort to Habrana and then take a taxi to Sigiriya. There is a bus option as well from Kandy; however, the best option would be to take a private vehicle which would take around 3 to 4 hours to reach Sigiriya. 

Places to Stay in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka

There are various options to stay at Sigiriya such as EKHO Sigiriya (earlier known as Zinc Journey Sigiriya), Hotel Yapahuwa Paradise, and Diyabubula. 

Sigiriya tourist places

While at Sigiriya, do visit the Royal gardens surrounding the Rock, Sigiriya Museum, other tourist places such as Pidurangala Rock, and Polonnaruwa.

The above list of places to visit in Sri Lanka is a must include on your Sri Lanka tour package. Get your perfect itinerary planned with Flamingo Transworld offering a variety of itineraries that can be planned as per your requirement. 

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