Geography in Sikkim

Sikkim is one of the smallest landlocked states in the northeastern part of our country. The geographical location of Sikkim is such that is encircled by Nepal and Bhutan on the western side and West Bengal on the southern side. Mt Kangchenjunga is not only the highest peak in the country but it is also the third-highest in the world. The geography of Sikkim is such that it has mountainous terrain, having elevations ranging from 280 to 8585 meters. The total area of Sikkim is around 1096 sq kilometers. It has many mountain passes that connect Sikkim with Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. The topography of Sikkim is not fit for agriculture due to the precipitous slopes and the Rocky Mountains. Though some slopes have been managed to convert into terrace farms. The state is entirely covered with forests and hills. It has around 227 high altitude lakes, 28 peaks, 80 glaciers, and 5 hot springs. These hot springs are renowned for their therapeutic and medicinal values. Having such varied topography, a tour to Sikkim will be quite an experience.

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